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Apurva Roy

ByApurva Roy

Jul 30, 2020

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A major issue these days is cyber security. How safe are we when we use the various gifts of internet. There are multiple cases of breach of privacy , hacking and cyber bullying. All of these is done by some technically advanced people who find it really good to get into someone’s private details.

On that note i would like to say that i agree we are all webbed with the internet. Our data is always being taken and monitored which we can’t even stop, but what we can definitely put a limit to it. We can constraint the amount of information which we want to get surveyed or monitored. Because not every survey is for good and not all companies have pure intentions.

So here are some of the very basic things which you can do for having a safe online experience.

1.Beware of Spam emails

There are a lot of emails sent to you on a regular basis. However ilour system tries to filtrate them and put the one’s who have a risk of corrupting your system by putting it into the SPAM section. Do not open emails that are in the SPAM.

But there might be some important emails whicha re sometimes in the SPAM . Be sure about the sender of the email being and then open it.

2.Don’t open unknown links

While browsing , it may happen that many types of links pop up as you move ahead. They may vome with luring advertisements or something captivating but do not trust the source of these . As most of them are corrupted or carry virus within them. Do not open them!

3.Keep your privacy settings strong

Almost everything on internet ,every browser and every app allows you to adjust privacy settings as per your requirement .Make sure to put constraints which would help you to maintain an optimum privacy level.

4.Befriend whom you know

There would be many friend requests in your Facebook and Instagram or for that matter any other social networking sites. Do not be driven by gaining huge number of friends/ followers whom you have never seen. Remember people are not whom they seem to be.

5 . Have a good antivirus

It is really important to protect you PC or mobile with a good antivirus software. However many if you might agree that antivirus slows down th PC but you can go ahead and research for some good antiviruses available but make sure they are the original versions

6.Keep your details limited.

Do not disclose everything about yourself. Have a minimal description of everything . You should keep it professional . People who know you wouldn’t require for the details to comnect with you.

7.Don’t download random things

There are many things which are of your interest and which keep popping up for you to download . You might get links of downloading the paid versions of some apps for free. Cybercriminals load those links with malware.Do not download anything from unreliable sites. This is the easiest way to attack you.Do not give away your personal information at any place.


Be very sure of the site or the app you shop from . Read the details about it before going on with payments and feeding personal details. Don’t allow random sites and apps to acces your location or camera. In short check before you visit any link,app or site online!


First of all ,try and choose strong passwords. Passwords could be something very personal but make sure to give ut a twist and making it tough for anyone to guess.
It is also advisable to change passwords every two months or so. But it is not that feasible, therefore go for strong passwords.


Well there are some posts which are really personal and close to us. It is advisable to not put up anything which woukd reveal a lot about you. You may think of someone as your friend but people are not who they seem to be on social media . Do not be blinded by some kind words.

These were some basic rules to keep in mind while accessing the internet. You should have basic knowledge of what you see or use . Beware of people.

Those who look pious are the most poisonous!