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Self-help is the best help

Jasmine Mary Ekka

ByJasmine Mary Ekka

Jun 27, 2020

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People say that God helps those who help themselves. True it is that those who do their own duties themselves without depending on others are more successful than others.
Self-help or self-reliance is a great quality of a man. It is a pillar of success and every man should rely on it. Spoon feeding cannot make a man successful in the long run. The secret of their greatness lies in their self-confidence, in the realization of their own strength. It has been rightly said that “Self-help is the best help.

There are many people who believe in luck and they depend upon chance or fate. They do not depend upon themselves. Such persons have no self-confidence. They are always shaky and undecided. They think that their fate is responsible for their rise or fall. Their full fate in faith makes them idle. They remain inactive and wait for success through their luck. But faith is nothing. It is the total effect of our actions. It is due to the action that we fail or succeed.

A man who depends upon himself may not seek help from others. He faces life boldly and fearlessly. He is full of courage even during the day of his sorrow. He tries to learn lessons from various experiences of life. Failure cannot discourage him. He is a picture of courage and confidence. People praise him, worship him, and speak highly of his qualities. Great heroes of history made their fortunes by their own efforts. There are many examples of such persons. They went on struggling and life and later became successful in the end. Gandhiji followed the principle of truth and nonviolence. He depended upon himself. People started following him later on. But a man of self-help should not be proud. He need not be overconfident. He should not grow selfish. He must be kind and helping others. Only then he can be a useful member of society.

“Man’s main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of his effort is his own personality. ” – Erich Fromm