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Social media and the distorted sense of beauty

Debanjana Mukherjee

ByDebanjana Mukherjee

Dec 1, 2020

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man wearing mud mask

Why is there so robust business in the makeup industry? Why the very moment you pull out your phone to access social media, you see a lot of fashion influencer: people who have dedicated pages to guide you how to wear clothes, how to do make up, and how to look good. Why there are dedicated applications to add photo filters and advanced effects to make you look a certain way? According to the societal norms, you have to look beautiful, live in a house that is beautiful, consume food that is beautiful, and wear clothes that are beautiful! Clearly with all these things happening around you all day, this distorted sense of beauty has become normal. From being a beautiful person in the real life to being a beautiful person on social media, a lot of things have changed.

Today’s fast paced world has a very little to offer you and a lot to take from you. The least you can do for yourself is take care of yourself. In the name of self care, you are provided thousands of pamphlets and lists asking to take care of your beauty. Beauty, as defined by a dictionary, is a combination of qualities such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight. Social media on the other hand is offering beauty in various forms and functions. Most of the regular beauty and lifestyle influencers are choosing to convey how to beautify yourself. Other 50% of users are supporting campaigns which are asking to not be beautiful. We live in a world of fashion weeks and fashion week protests. No matter which side you are on both the shows keep going on. If you critically analyse none of the two would make any sense. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” this quote speaks thousand words. Everything that this universe has to offer is beautiful, the human anatomy is beautiful, the laws abiding nature is beautiful, and beauty precisely cannot be measured it is abstract.

Whenever you find yourself being labelled as Beautiful, make sure it is a singular compliment and not a plural comparison. Beauty is a notion that is rapidly changing: someday beauty can be white someday it can be blood. Don’t follow the blind path guiding beauty as it is not something that can be purely defined or measured. Keep in mind beauty is not just about makeup, beauty actually is how you feel after a makeup session. Beauty is not home décor, beauty is looking at the blue sky with white clouds on a sunny evening from your balcony. It is simply just a feeling and not a comparison.

Social media is bound to compare you with millions of other human beings and there is no need to be different than who you are already. You are beautiful as it is. Let the comparison be just a parameter. You don’t need to fit in, neither do you need to stand out. Beauty is just a word and you are more than just a word or a feeling. So, if you like to support those makeup industry and fashion industry just do it because it is beautiful and you still feel animal fur and animal skin products and cosmetics are a disgrace support those anti fashion week protest campaigns. Social media is designed to make you pick a side but just don’t fall into the groupism. You don’t need to pick a side because though there are so many things uncommon between you and the world one thing that is common for all is the world itself. There is no literal boundaries and sides everything is spontaneous and happening within the same world.

From golden era poems to today’s tweets there is a vast definition to beauty and to agree or to not agree is completely and purely personal. Opinions exists but nothing should be treated as standard everything is a choice, you like one definition today you can simply like other definition tomorrow at the end of the day you decide what to follow and what to not follow or unfollow. Intentionally filter your own mind and don’t blindly take on what is served and if you ever get tired of the social media or social definition to beauty make your definition to it. Don’t compare anything with anything because it simply does not make sense. Having opinions is important but make sure none of them are influenced opinions. Beauty can be anything! You are beautiful! This world is beautiful and so is the social media just filter wisely.