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TEDx concludes at XUB

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Jan 27, 2021

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Xavier University, Bhubaneswar conducted the second edition TEDxXUB, where x = independently organized TED event. On 23 January 2021, at 7 pm, the event was premiered on Youtube and was watched by various stakeholders, including students from the diverse schools in Xavier Fraternity.
The theme for the event was Decoding the Millennials. The theme aims to explore the varying trends and cultures that shroud the millennials. The unique mannerisms that they adopt. The creative ideas they have produced and the plethora of prominent changes that the world has seen. Millennials have seen the world grow and change at a fast rate. They have been both criticized and lauded for their ways but have always been true to their instincts.
The topics covered under Decoding the Millennials were Coffee-nomics, Gourmet: Transcending Borders, Power Dressing: Armour to Transforming Thoughts, and Road Less Taken.
The event was hosted by four esteemed speakers who discussed the above-mentioned topics.

Varun Painter, the Executive Editor at PowerDrift, addressed the topic Road Less Taken. He explained how to take a path less traveled; to do what has never been done before. The rise of vlogging culture, especially Moto-Vlogging and Automotive Journalism, has created a new thriving industry for the millennials, tending to seek new avenues driven by passion and an inherent desire. He also explained how the whole landscape of automotive journalism is evolving with technology, providing newer opportunities and various career options to the new generations.

Rahul Dasgupta, a NIFT graduate and owner of the brand ‘Label,’ addressed Power Dressing: Armour to Transforming Thoughts. He explained what power dressing actually means and how fashion has always been a form of expression. For millennials, fashion means being more conscious and aware of what they wear, the difference between creativity and salability while balancing class and quirk.
Swapnadip Dutta, Chef De Partie – Pastry, Taj Exotica Resort, and Spa, Andamans addressed the topic Gourmet: Transcending Borders. He explained how we had come a long way from treating food as a subsistence source to making it into an art. Great cuisines are no longer a luxury, as food has traveled across borders, albeit with a few local twists. Millennials have explored wider geography, open to experiencing new cultures, and prefer homestays, contributing to our inquisitive spirit, leading this generation to explore and experiment with cuisines worldwide.
Rizwan Amlani, CEO at Dope Coffee Roasters, addressed the topic of Coffee-nomics. With millennials knowing their coffee, which coffee shop to go to, the kind of roast, or the type of coffee they relish most, Coffee has perhaps become the most widely used stimulant. He explained how, over the years, coffee and coffee brands have made their spectrum broad, significantly increasing market penetration to the point that most millennials now believe in brewing their own coffee rather than just depending on instant coffee brands or prefer to head out to a café that serves freshly brewed coffee. Dark, medium, or light roast; espresso or cappuccino, coffee has evolved from being just a beverage to become a key player in the consumer market.