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The Amazing World of Social Media

Priya Paul

ByPriya Paul

Aug 1, 2020

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Everyone loves to make their presence on social media.

Whether it’s posting of amazing pics on Instagram and Facebook; making YouTube videos on delicious recipes, or just publishing your eye-catching articles and blogs on WordPress.com, Adespresso.com, or even on this unique platform.

Each one of us has unique skills hidden up in our sleeves.

Today in this article, I am going to talk about some tips which are used by people to showcase their real talent for gaining their true popularity and worth; and brands to increase their consumer traffic. 


The biggest platform where you can see plenty of amazing videos ranging from motivational videos of Sandeep Maheshwari, M.Hemant Kumar, and many more professionals who are motivating the young budding youths to become a popular YouTuber.

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook being the most popular social media website in India has many astonishing features which helps the small,medium and large brands to sky-rocket their businesses. It is not just a platform for communication, but also a revenue generator. Using the Ads Manager, one can create pro-quality ads to showcase their products and services to the world. Interesting, isn’t it?

Instagram Package

You read it right! Instagram is an abode of high-tech techniques. It not only makes your posts different but also promotes them for increasing your followers. Instagram has the “best” ads to transform your simple ads into something more. These are as follows:

  1. Stories Ads which allows you to tag your favourite brands on your stories. You can even share location on them.
  2. Photo Ads converts your photos into High-resolution pics to increase your followers.
  3. Branded Content Ads helps in promoting influencer posts by making them Instagram Ads or Facebook ads for businesses to increase followers and do their campaign promotion.
  4. Slideshow Ads gives you a slideshow experience with musical effects. Cool, right!


Want to make your Instagram stories more engaging or dreaming to create some eye-catchy graphical illustrations? Then this tool is just perfect for you. It has plenty of templates, card designs and other creative tools to choose from.

Click Engaging Photos

No doubt, the tools, as mentioned earlier, will enhance your creativity. But you should also be able to click amazing photos.

Mentioned below are some tricks learned by an awesome expert and personality whom I admire a lot.

And you don’t even require an iPhone X to practice them!

Follow the rule of two-thirds

First, turn on your camera grid lines. Place your chosen subject at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines. This famous technique, known as the rule of thirds, is popular among painters, illustrators, graphic designers and photographers.

If your pics are little off-center, then it makes your audience lose focus from them.

Use Movements

Who doesn’t love to see some action-packed photography? I mean to say that it is better to click pics from different angles and motions, rather than just simply clicking them. After all, we love to see some drama in our pictures.

Try Contrasting Backgrounds

Experimentation is key to victory. Don’t restrict yourself to just monochromatic or polychromatic mode.

Contrast between the foreground and background is one of the most important factors for the ease of reading and viewing.

Artists and professionals always use contrasting backgrounds to make the colours pop and give a 3D effect for the human eye.

They are a great way to add excitement and fun to your photos, making them appear lively and artistic.

For more clarity about contrasting colours, the color wheel is always there to rescue you.

Thus, Social media can prove to a boon for us if used judiciously and artistically, rather than seeing it as a hub for devilish activities.

Finally, which idea you found the most unique? or Do you have some crazy and amazing hacks hidden up in your sleeves?
Feel free to share it with us.
Till then, Happy Reading and Practicing!
Its time to unleash your creativity.

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