The Changing Technology

The Changing Technology

Technology is now a new concept, humans have been finding ingenuous ways to solve problems of hundred of years. But for many, the early part of the 21st century has been a boom for the advancement of human knowledge from incredible communication inventions to new medical procedures. On a smaller scale, technology has changed the way we live today day to day it’s now possible to fly across the world non-stop in less than 24 hours.Here are some of the massive ways that technology has changed over the last decades. 

COMMUNICATION: Communication is currently being tested in many different forms including headsets and even clothing. Broadband, 3G, 4G and Wi-fi are built. And 5G is currently in development

TRANSPORT: In the 21st century, humans have even begun looking beyond the earth’s surface as a means of transportation. A number of companies are developing suborbital spaceflight which across the globe even quicker. Elon Musk has promised a future where human will be able to travel anywhere on earth in under an hour for the cost of the standard airline ticket.

ENTERTAINMENT:In times gone by, physical media was the form of almost all the entertainment chances are you’d buy DVD’s for films or cartridges for games. Now the digital distribution method  has taken over and the likes of streaming services and websites mean you don’t even need to own the product any more now the consumer controls when and where they want to access it. 

HEALTH: Lives that would been lost have been saved by technology. Technology staged healthcare in miracle ways.Techniques such as ultrasounds,  magnetic resonance imaging, X-rays and lasers have meant that survey isn’t always required.  In decade it has introduced several new treatments and helped us to understand how humans evolved.

FINANCE: Financial services has also felt both positive and negative effects of rapidly advancing technology over the last several decades. Thanks to the amount of data and speed at which it is processed,now terms like “fin-tech” and “high-frequency” trading have become common in the financial world. The sort of stateless bank-free currency uses a distributed secure “blockchain ” to record payment transactions.   

Riya Singh

Riya Singh

Riya Singh is a student at St. Xaviers College, Ranchi. She keeps a step forward approach to explore innovative catchy thoughts to help the humankind.

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