The Collaboration of Heaven and Hell

The Collaboration of Heaven and Hell

Yes you read it right. I guarantee you this will be an eye opener and you can surely distinguish between the HEAVEN and HELL.

Money is an important asset for us as it increases our value in the society; but the contradiction is, it is also a liability that decreases the value in the same society. None wants to have a liability in their life but there’s something that attracts the majority towards it. Thus one has to be smart enough to exchange the quantity of their asset with liability.

One can relate this to the YOUTHS. On one hand it can prove to be an asset for the country and on the other can be the biggest liability. There are two things that decides between an asset and liability in case of youths – Grasping Education and Consuming Alcohol.

  • Grasping Education

Education plays an important role in shaping the future of both student and the country. It not only increases the standard of living but also contributes in incrementing country’s overall GDP. It helps in self-development and makes the dream come true.

It gives us a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It helps us to build opinions and have point of view on things in life. Each one of us have some or the other dream that we plan to accomplish in future; and education is the only key to accomplish those unspoken dreams.

Thus it clears all the doubts why it is an asset and obviously one can acquire HEAVEN on the Earth via education.

  • Consuming Alcohol

Have you ever read novels or did something that you love to do during your study hours?

The moment you start doing something like this you develop a fear of being caught by your parents or teachers; but once you escape, the confidence gets boosted up and you want to try these tricks every day. It may happen that you escape each time or be caught one day. In both these cases the loss is yours. As instead of doing something productive you are approaching towards self-destruction with each passing day.

Alcohol has the same effect on us. The moment you start its consumption you chose to self-destruct!

First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.

Now you know the HELL on the Earth!

  • The Collab!

Just imagine a scenario where the HEAVEN and HELL joins hand to collaborate. Well, this isn’t an imagination but a harsh reality.

There are many alcohol shops that are being run by individuals or groups near the College Campus. Where are we going? On the one hand we go to a place to shape our future in a better way and on the other hand we chill out with our friends taking sweet poison. Is this what we call Education?

It’s high time that the concerned authorities and government take action regarding this. The Alcohol Laws in India are a strange piece of legislation. Apart from every other legislation, the laws governing liquor consumption in India lacks uniformity.

Opening liquor shop is not the concern but having it near College campus is the prime concern. It’s human psychology that they will give importance to those things from which they are restricted. This current scenario gives them a chance to win over this restriction and as a result they start getting addicted to alcohol at a very early age. If this continues then the country will have to carry a group of liabilities!

The country doesn’t ask anyone to contribute in its development, thus one should focus on achieving ones dream. Once your dream is achieved, country will get its asset.

You have got the most intelligent brain of all time; fortunately or unfortunately you yourself have to decide the path between the HEAVEN and the HELL. Thus, one should conclude that- don’t collaborate with Heaven and Hell because it can lead you towards the deadliest combination of your life.

Uddeshya Harsh

Uddeshya Harsh

Uddeshya is a student of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra and pursuing BCA. He loves to read articles and novels of various genre. He pens down his thoughts in free time and also works as a freelancer web developer.

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  1. Well-written, contains sound and the practical advice🔥 Kudos buddy UD. Keep up this writing thing and hope this reaches to the target audience.

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