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Rajsekhar Haldar

ByRajsekhar Haldar

Jul 6, 2020

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 The complete world is in a state of global lockdown and that has stagnated each and every social and economic activities breaking a serious havoc on the human race on economic, social and psychological fronts.

A lot has been buzzing in the cyber world about economic implications of this pandemic so I don’t think we need another blog of that sort here but the recent events have, of late, brought me to the deep realization that a lot has been spoken and written about anything and everything but the human mind and it’s psychology…how to handle/manage/orient THAT because basically the functioning of the mind decides all other aspects of our existence and it is rightly said you cannot control something which you haven’t completely decoded. So I am not here to lecture you on anything or bore you further in this lockdown but to help you decode your own mind and its various algorithms which would eventually solve everything.

We have become restless like never before where we spend hours and hours scrolling through our insta and fb pages or spending hours in those social media challenges while constantly losing the challenge that is going within ourselves, searching for respite virtually, thinking we might be able to calm the storm that is gushing inside us but all in vain.

Well, all the problems which one is facing whether it be depression, anxiety, perplexity, jittery feelings, insomnia, breakdown of the biological clock or complete disorientation of the inner self is all because of the way of our mind has been programmed. Yes, the algorithm running inside our brain is such that has put us into this sticky wicket.  Today major health experts, fitness experts are all addressing the physical aspect forgetting the fact that physical aspect is a direct consequence of this more subtle and finer psychological aspect. In this lockdown before training the body on how to face it one first needs to decode the mind so that he/she can make the necessary changes and if need be transformations to flow through this lockdown in a jiffy.

   Before getting directly to the solutions let us first get a deeper insight of where the problem that is the human mind… 

Human mind is kinetic by its instinctive and primordial nature, the mechanics of it is such that it has an impeccable thirst to look outside, observe outside, and roam outside. The mind has been restless ever since time immemorial and often tends to find solace in the outside world of three dimensions. This trait often shadows the potential nature of the human soul to quietly sit inside and contemplate alone with respect to the fourth dimension hence we often describe the above stated fact as a constant conflict between the mind and soul.

   The reason to bring the above fact to context is to not make you readers go into potential state and stop reading further (smile emoticon) and all of a sudden become spiritual beings and start levitating to your roof tops (emoticon) but to put light upon a major problem that is the restlessness of the human mind during this global lockdown which has become more evident than ever and how this major problem is directly related to the kinetic aspect of the mind.

Don’t get restless now as we are heading towards the solution and if you have already get restless then see I told you the human mind gets joy in the outside vibrant world, but, today there is unfortunately no OUTSIDE all we have INSIDE. Thus the solution basically lies in learning to handle the inner self that is yourself

Start by various breathing practices it helps to orient the thoughts of your mind with yourself and helps you have a better emotional quotient (EQ) and believe or not it reflects in your IQ as well thereby creating a more stabilized work life balance even when you are working from home nowadays, the relationship of EQ and IQ is shown below-

The various breathing practices could be Pursed lip breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, Breath Focus Technique where You can choose a focus word that makes you smile, feel relaxed, or that is simply neutral to think about. Examples include peace, let go, or relax, but it can be any word that suits you to focus on and repeat through your practice…all these breathing practices lead to mend only one aspect that is how out thoughts are aligned to our mind and how well we can control them and also helps us get a sneak peek of our consciousness thereby understanding our own selves in a more matured manner.

Meditation and yoga are very helpful for alleviating stress. Both practices focus on self-awareness and the importance of silence. If you don’t have time to commit to a full yoga routine every morning, set aside five or ten minutes just to close your eyes and breathe evenly. Try to empty your mind of all worries, plans, and thoughts

   Emotional bonding with specially those living with you in your own home parents, life partners, children, siblings etc  now is the time to make up for all those lost precious moments, now is the time for you to make up some real memories than just a few virtual one’s. Now what this emotional bonding would do is create a protective shield around your mind from all the black clouds of negativity hovering in and around you thereby helping you surge ahead with positive vibes and also helping you create some sweet memories along the way as who knows when one would get such a long time at home. So, go today and give your dad and mom a smile they would never forget, give your life partner the sweet ostents of love that may become eternal.

Spend some time considering what makes you happy. What was the last thing that made you smile? When was the last time you felt a sense of “awe”? Try making a list of these things. Make it a goal to come up with at least ten different things that make you feel happy. They can be as simple as sipping a mug of tea or planting flowers, whatever brings you a genuine sense of joy. Take a look at this list as soon as you wake up, and make an effort to include at least one item on your list in your routine each and every day.

To put everything into perspective and wrap up in a nutshell PRACTICE SELF LOVE that’s a way to calm your mind…just practice the above few suggestions for few days and you will internally feel more composed and complete in this lockdown which would eventually show in all your outside activity and thus help you GET THROUGH THIS TIME OF CRISIS WITHOUT A HITCH.