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Rajsekhar Haldar

ByRajsekhar Haldar

Jul 13, 2020

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We have often comprehend applications or in modern geeky term “apps” as a collection of lines of code, converted from conceptualized algorithms, written and compiled together. Our modern lives are filled with these amazing digital entities which make our lives comfortable and make every life aspect to be free of knee jerk experiences but what about a very unique app the one which has not been written by any human but is present the in each and every human…..THE LIFE APP.

Yes, the app which is installed in our minds and the one that triggers our neurons to create thoughts and consequently influencing all our actions and cognitive patterns.

   Now don’t start searching your play stores for it because you need an inward search of the self to basically discover this unique app running as a background process in each and every activity we undertake in our day to day lives without even realizing its presence and this blog would basically help you search this app and at least feel amazed regarding the striking similarities and analogs of the app. The life app which I am talking about is not a single one but an application suite/package.

Let’s start by the antivirus app which is our intrinsic protective nature which is basically generated by our past experiences of threats the same which our antivirus app does on our phones and computers by constantly referring to its virus database.

Now, what we as humans do is we create inferences whenever we come in contact with an outsider we immediately involuntarily scan for his/her traits and by keeping in reference of all the past people we have met, then finally reach to the conclusion that whether to proceed our interaction with that outsider or not.

This entire process of scanning, matching, processing and inferring takes place within a split of a second, so fast that we don’t even realize, thanks to our fast human processors. This protection app basically also helps us to decide whether to share information with that person or not and when it comes to very personal information our protective instincts even urges to scan that person in greater details probing and examining each and every dimensions. The direct consequences of this app is the fundamental parental traits of care, sympathy and empathy present in each and every person.

   The database management software applications (DBMS) are many Oracle, MySQL etc today in the industry but did you realize that these apps and software’s were already present as a primordial aspect our existence.

From the very time we take birth the one thing which gets really active is our memory and before taking any decision we retrieve something our memory and take a decision thereby building our own unique decision making model. The process here is very similar to what happens in an actual DBMS every time the user has a problem he/she hits a query to retrieve some data and thus getting the desired answer, in our daily lives also we hit a query to our minds and here each and every memory form our birth is basically stored in the hippocampus of our brain which acts as a data repository, which also acts as the query processing engine.

A more sophisticated form of a simple database management application are the various data mining applications, these data mining apps also form an integral part of our life app package. The decision models which we, without realizing, construct in our heads happens because of this data mining application in which we derive patterns from our and also other’s day to day routines and helps us to make better approximations and predictions our lives and gives us a better understanding of the true nature of most of the people we are with which in the language of data mining is a knowledge discovery process (KDD).

This data mining aspects in our lives basically gives rise to what we call as intuition or the sixth sense, we often talk about it at great lengths and often but basically never realize that it is data mining we are doing every time and the human brain is just not a database but basically a data warehouse.

   Thus, this life app is definitely been coded by someone far more mysterious the one who has programmed the entire cosmos and since we are a part of this cosmos we have this life app installed and running intangibly.

So, it is important that we realize this app so that we can better control it to improve the efficiency of our lives.

Time to discover this app rather than installing it…the more complex yet the most simple the…THE LIFE APP.