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The Shades Of Skins Already Existed:- It’s Just That Society Forgot To Make Space For Them.( #EndRacism )

Gulshan Singh

ByGulshan Singh

Oct 27, 2020

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Once Martin Luther King Jr. said,
” I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls”.

And that spoke so much of volume. But the sad part is that the dream that he had in his eyes is still struggling with realities. The equality that he dreamt of is still a long way journey to reach. We’re still in the same old society where your color and appearance counts more than anything else.

Even in today’s era, which is called as an era of evolution still witnesses skin shame and color judgments. I mean the entire humanity is at a question mark. How can someone’s color be a reason for conflict and deprivation? Skin tone is something that an individual doesn’t have a choice to chose. That is something genetic that cannot be and should not be changed, for the so-called fake beauty standards of society.

India, as a country has always been fascinated by the white skin tone that foreigners have. The ideal standard beauty for Indians so far only means having a white complexion. This is a complete nuisance because one needs to get comfortable in their skin, of course, if society gets ready to think beyond their comfortable boxes of beauty standards.

The hypocrisy of Indians related to color has been since the olden times. They never learnt to be comfortable with the one they are. We see Gods painted in so many colors but we rarely see God painted in black color that is because from the very beginning itself they threw the color black into the category of denials.

Of course, we see Goddess Kali in black color but that’s because it stands by her name, and the other reason is, that Goddess Kali stands for anger version of Parvati. Which again terms black as a color representing negative aspects. We’ve seen only demons wearing and painting black around them. And thus the legacy of hypocrisy continues.

There are millions of people facing racist comments every day due to their color. From being called kali to bhutni to Kalya and God knows what more. For a moment they sound normal but slowly these comments later begin making houses in the minds of the people and they start self-doubting themselves and finally, they develop an inferior complex where they already convince themselves to tell that they don’t fit in this so-called normal society. Such huge is the impact of an individual commenting on somebody’s color.

This is what every boy and every girl of a darker shade goes through in this country and globally. But nobody speaks for them. Instead of that, society introduces a lot of fairness creams to make the tone lighter, but they never teach themselves to accept the color that one is blessed with. Here, in India dark shade or brown skin is seen as a disease that is tried to be cured using fairness creams. Not only this but the family member themselves begin telling their kids to apply turmeric and do all kinds of home remedies so that your skin tone gets whiter. And nothing gets worse when your own family calls you weird names just because of the color you have. They make dark shade people feel so much suppressed that they begin feeling that they’re not worth having any privileges, and when they get any privileges they aren’t able to believe it, such intense is the self-doubt they create around themselves due to the racist behavior of the people around.

So it’s a huge pressure that a dark tone person goes through but yet chooses to be quiet and bears it all alone. A lot of actors, influencers, and other people show an excessive obsession with fair skin. They promote fairness creams and people perceive white skin or fairer skin to be the only savior. But you never know behind the closed doors how many boys and girls are crying and yelling over their color and trying to change it by applying different sick kinds of stuff advertised by society.

It’s perceived by society, that if you’ve got a fairer skin you will then get a good job, good status, good life partner and many such more things. Which otherwise, tells that a person with a dark tone might not get all those stuff.

Well, who decides this? How is someone’s ability to be determined by their appearance? Are we as a society, turning dumb now or we always were like this? Society is a group of people that work for the better of each other but we aren’t doing anything rather than adding more to a problem.

The little children born in this universe should have all the rights to live the way he/ she wants. Yours and my opinions should never be imposed on them. The color of an individual is genetic, that cannot be changed, and nobody opts to be that way out of choice. As to some fair skin is a boon similarly otherwise of the fair skin is also a boon.

Let’s stop pushing our sons and daughters into the clutches of yesterday and let’s appreciate them for the way they are. It’s not them who need to change, it’s we who need to change. It’s normal for us to have a skin tone of brown because we’re Indians. Nobody questions the white skins that why are they white, why are the questions only supposed to be bombarded to those having dark skin. Let’s put an end to this discrimination and rise above.

Because the dark skin already exists and that’s the reality, and that is at no fault as perceived by society. It’s we who need to change and make a place for them. Let’s not determine their capabilities and snatch away their opportunities just for having a different skin tone than others.

Actually, that’s not a different skin tone, it’s rather a skin tone that major of us have not been taught to accept. Let’s begin a difference of revolution from here on. And let’s work for a dream that major of us have in our eyes that is, ” One day the little girls and boys walking down the street won’t have to explain the shade of their skin to fit into any kind of beauty standard boxes”.