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The US steps up campaign to purge ‘untrusted’ Chinese apps

Shruti Suman


Aug 7, 2020

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The US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said expanded US efforts on a program called Clean Network would focus on fine areas and include steps to prevent various Chinese apps as well as Chinese telecom companies. The trump administration said on Wednesday (August 5).

Pompeo’s announcement comes after US President Donald Trump threatened to ban Tik Tok. Tik Tok currently faces a deadline of Sept 15 to either sell its US operations to Microsoft or face an outright ban.

“With parent companies based in China, apps like Tik Tok, We Chat and others are significant threats to personal data of American citizens not to mention tools for CCP (Chinese Communist Party) content censorship, ” Pompeo said.

Pompeo said the United States was working to prevent Chinese telecoms firm Huawei from pre-installing or making available for download the most popular US apps on its phones.

“We don’t want companies to be complicit in Huawei’s human rights abuses or the CCP’s surveillance apparatus, ” Pompeo said without mentioning any specific US companies.

Pompeo said that State Department would work with other government agencies to protect the data of US citizens including Covid -19 vaccine research, by preventing access from cloud -based systems run by companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, China Mobile, China Telecom and Tencent.

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