Bored in Ranchi? 5 Unexplored Places in Ranchi To Visit

Bored in Ranchi? 5 Unexplored Places in Ranchi To Visit

If you believe you have seen every waterfall, captivating landscape, lush greenery, national parks, nature reserves and tribal life in Ranchi, there’s a lot more to see if you’re no longer as thrilled about going back as you were the very first time, think twice. There are several unexplored places in Ranchi which many people are unaware of. These can act as a weekend gateaway for most of us. Here are some underrated locations in Ranchi which are worth visiting:


This pond was formed in an abandoned mineshaft where ground and rainwater seeped in to create a gorgeous lake. The lake’s colour is pristine blue due to the black granite beneath, and it resembles the aquamarine lakes in the Himalayas or those found on South Asian islands.

With its unreal blue colour, the Blue Pond is a sight to behold. People have never seen this kind of beauty in nature before, which makes it even more unique and different from all the other places in Ranchi.

Location – Balsiring, Ranchi, Jharkhand


Also known as Jamunia Dam, this river is a  tributary to the Damodar. In the Indian state of Jharkhand, it flows through the districts of Hazaribagh, Giridih, Bokaro, and Dhanbad.

The pleasant walking path and as well as the beautiful hilltop view of the place can be breathtaking. A boating facility is also available which adds to the enjoyment.

It’s amazing how many fascinating places we have here.

LOCATION: Latratu, Jharkhand

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It is also known as Bahye Fall. Ranchi is known for its many lakes, ponds, and springs. Many places are still lost and undiscovered, or only a few people are aware of them. Churni fall is one such sport. It’s only 17 – 18 kilometres from the city centre and is surrounded by dense forests that, after a certain point, can only be reached on foot.

In the forest, the path to Churni is a bit of a hike. The waterfalls into a shallow natural pool that’s ideal for swimming.

During the winter, the water is crystal clear, allowing you to see the growth beneath.

LOCATION: Bongaibera, Jharkhand


Jhiri lake is a quarry. A quarry is a large, and deep pit used to extract stone or other materials.

The operation of quarries is to reduce their environmental impact. It is one of Ranchi’s best tourist attractions and a must-see location. It’s located 5-7 kilometres from Piska More, closer to the Ring road.

 It is the best place for meeting up with friends, and particularly for those who like to go out for photography.

LOCATION: Near, Jhiri, Jharkhand


As everyone knows, the Netarhat and the Patratu Valley are two of the most beautiful places to visit on a road trip in Jharkhand. As these places are very popular, there have always been people for photoshoots and recreation.

The Ganga ghat Raj valley can be satisfying as compared to those places. It has a lovely stretch of road with dense forest on both sides and a few people. The ride to the ghat is full of scenic beauty, with trees on both sides and a mystical view of the valley. If you want to see sunrises and sunsets, this is the place to be. A long stretch of greenery will be visible, as well as a railway line that will cross the road twice.

LOCATION: Bongaibera, Jharkhand 835103

While these places add a charm to our city, they are yet to be known by the common masses. This doesn’t end here. There are many other beautiful places which are yet to be discovered. These places have been away from the common people and are the true gifts of nature. Clearwater, fresh air, exotic beauty, we can see it all here. If you ever get a chance, do visit these places to admire nature’s creation.