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Is Casteism still alive?

A  number of cases related to conflict between Lower Caste and Upper Caste have come up recently. Is Casteism still prevalent in India? 

india's headache: unemployment or underemployment?

There have  been several rounds of talk around the growing number of unemployment cases, but people rarely discuss the case of underemployment. 

Gay Kiss Censored in India

Comedy Central India Censors A Gay Kiss. A  show Schitt’s Creek  season 5 promo was being aired and it decided to snip out the kiss Dan’s character shared with Dustin Mulligan’s character. Especially since the kiss between two women and a man and a woman were kept in the promo. 

Bihar Elections: DGP Denied Ticket

DGP Gupteshwar Pandey was denied ticket from JD(U). Pandey is a known figure and has served as the DGP of Bihar. Was it a part of a big strategy or has he become a victim of caste politics that has long been going in Bihar. The final release is yet to be out.

Babari masjid: All 32 Acquitted

Twenty-eight years after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, a special Central Bureau of Investigation court on Wednesday acquitted all 32 people accused in the case and ruled out any criminal conspiracy due to lack of conclusive evidence against them.

Hathras case: where are we going?

A 20-year-old died suffering multiple fractures, paralysis and severe spinal injury when she was assaulted by four men of the so-called upper castes from her village on September 14. The police said there was a gash in her tongue because she had bitten it when the men were trying to strangle her.

media and self regulation

From chasing Deepika’s car to shouting at TV debate, the Indian Media has done it all, is it the time to bring in a regulation to make Media meaningful?

gandhi jayanti: still meaningful?

National Holiday, Dry Day, and what not – have we lost the essence of Gandhism in contemporary times? Do we still uphold the Gandhian principles and values?

Farmers: victims of narrow political vision?

The Passage of Three Agriculture Bills in the Parliament has been an issue of much controversy. Do you think Farmers are being used as a political tool?

period leaves: rise of feminism?

Zomato recently announced a 10-day period leave and it started a discussion. Will it help women or hamper their empowerment?  

student politics

Recently, Umar Khalid was arrested as a perpretator in the Delhi Riots. Do you think we are taking student politics too seriously?

india and its neighbours

Do you think India needs an aggressive and pragmatic neighbourhood policy?


The Supreme Court held that daughters, like sons, have an equal birthright to inherit joint Hindu family property. Do you think it is justified?

Bihar elections: change in outlook?

Bihar has long been seen as an underdeveloped state. Will Bihar fall into the caste trap again while selecting their leaders?  

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