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Why Question everything?

Sarvesh Dhar

BySarvesh Dhar

Dec 30, 2020

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Be a manufacturer of questions. Why?

The contrary is to accept everything without questioning the legitimacy of subject. If Newton didn’t ask himself the nature of apple falling down, it wouldn’t have mattered if conclusion was an idea of questions or confusion. Questions give you sense to distinguish the reality that you are presented to accept or the reality you want to see without any filters of persuasion. Specially, in modern society where you’re never far away from being tricked. When you are forced to accepted something that’s not justified but has been circulated as truth, the force is always manipulation and victim is values attached to human feelings.

When to realise that the question is yourself and to outer world?

To understand your own existence, you have to find purpose behind the actions and thoughts that you perceive through believing in whatever proposed to you.

During Nuremberg trials Nazi War Criminals accepted that they didn’t question the orders manifested by Adolf Hitler. Neither they questioned themselves nor the authority they were unconditionally obedient to. It’s a fact that questions can change the consequences for good.

Questioning yourself gives you sense to understand the nature of moral and ethical values. To make things meaningful, question becomes root of every common situation that puts you in misery. The contrary of “why question everything” is not “not questioning anything” but ultimately growing a nature to accept everything without questioning it. This comes to structure of master and servitude that we have been trying to break for centuries. When we accept any idea that looks profitable to us, we generally avoid to question it. Mostly in acceptance of political ideology, we love proclaiming the favored power rather than rationally questioning the aspect of power use. That’s why we always see radical elements in political spectrum. Questioning the abundance of proposed ideas is valuable lesson for society else it becomes an unofficial law followed by us and somehow always ends up in favour of subject that needs to be justified.

Question is the forming structure of justification and later it becomes truth If we practice the justification enough to distinguish between the two realities that are always proposed by all of us.

We are accompanied by decisions we take in moments of choices we make. Every choice in life has significant impact. It can be forgotten in actions but it always becomes a memory and source of questions that we didn’t ask ourselves in initial stages when we perceived reality with the actions of our choices.

Our existence is justified by the questions we have for our thoughts and actions to choose the path we lean forward and move in different zone of our life. It depends on your conscience, what to question and why to believe.

Question is symbol of progressive existence