Which BTS Character Are You?

Which BTS Character Are You?

How do you spend most of your spare time?

What are you most talented at?

In your group of friends, which are you?

How would you describe your style?

What's your favorite sweet treat?

BTS Character Quiz

You seem quiet and serious most of the time, but you also have a playful side and are one of the funniest people in your friend group. You love art and are a creative thinker.

You're very goofy and enjoy making other people laugh. But you also know when to be serious, and are an excellent communicator who knows how to get a message across in a way that makes others really listen.

You're a natural leader who people often turn to for advice. While you're not always great at expressing your own feelings, you do feel deeply and value loyalty and trust.

It can take some time for people to get to know you, but when you let people in, you forge strong friendships. You're a great listener with a poetic and creative way of expressing yourself

You're creative and imaginative with a flair for the visual arts. You have a cheeky sense of humor that can get you in trouble at times, but people easily forgive you.

You try to look on the bright side of life and work hard on loving yourself. You might not realize it, but you're a charismatic leader who often provides strength and comfort to others.

You're unpredictable and like to surprise people, but you also have a soft and caring heart. You have a bit of a cheesy sense of humor, and you crack yourself up a lot.

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