Guest Lecture on Cyber Security at AUJ

Guest Lecture on Cyber Security at AUJ

A Guest Lecture on Cyber Security: An Industrial Perspective was organized by Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity University, Jharkhand on Friday wherein Mr. Saurabh Sule, Sr. Software Engineer & Security Architect, Avaya India Pvt. Ltd., Pune was the speaker.

Addressing the participants, he explained the threats and exploitations of cyber security. He also spoke about the cyber security, firewalls, access of servers and how high availability is achieved. He talked about how cyber security is used in different companies including, software, hardware, hospitality, medical and many other industries and how they are exposed in overlaying threats. He also cited the examples of how firewall protects these companies from unwanted forces.

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Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kumar Jha, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Jharkhand highlighted on how important cyber security is in today’s world and the impact it has on an individual’s life.

Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey, Director, Amity University Jharkhand spoke about the relevance of cyber security and the scams that are related to it. He added how important it is for an individual to know about it as well as the knowledge of the technology.

Mr. Prabhakar Tripathi, Registrar, Amity University, Jharkhand conveyed his blessings on this occasion.


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