[Explained] The Singhu Border Case

[Explained] The Singhu Border Case

What Happened?

On 15th October in the morning at Singhu border in Delhi, a man of 35 years old was brutally beaten, killed and tied to the barricades by Nihangs of the Sikh camp. According to reports, he was accused of sacrilege. Some people say that he disrespected Guru Granth sahib while some people say that he insulted Sarloh Granth. However, there isn’t any clue of what he actually did to the holy book because some Nihangs say that he ran with it, some say that he had matchsticks and was planning to destroy the holy book, they alleged.

Who Are Nihangs?

Nihangs are also known as Nihang Singhs but their original name is Akali or Akali Nihangs, are called the guru’s knights or the guru’s beloved, they belong from Khalsa Panth which is founded by 10th Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. They are identified by the dark blue loose apparel with a huge turban decorated with quoits, a symbol of the Khalsa and rosaries. Armed with heavy swords, rifles, shotguns, and pistols. According to one of the professors of Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar, the term Nihang signifies the quality of “the fearlessness from danger or death readiness for action and detachment to worldly possessions”.

What is Sarloh Granth?

It is also called manglacharan Puran or Shri manglacharan Ji same as Guru Granth Sahib it’s a holy book of Sikhs comprising more than 6500 poetic stanzas.

Who Are the Accused?

Three accused have been taken into custody, two of them are Sarabjit Singh and Narayan Singh, who isn’t guilty of cutting off his legs, rather he takes it as a right punishment for those who do wrong with their Holy book.

Lakhbir Singh was a Dalit Sikh, who belonged to Cheema Khurd village in Punjab’s district. He left home with rupees fifty, one week prior to his death, and was found on singhu border three days before he was murdered. Sukhbir, who is the brother-in-law of Lakhbir told India Today that Lakhbir couldn’t insult Guru Granth Sahib, someone must have provoked him to do so. Neighboring people also added that though he was addicted to drugs it’s hard to digest that he was in Delhi as he never even went to Amritsar. Whereas, Lakhibir’s family questions that even if he had insulted the holy book, to cut his legs and hands for this fault isn’t a legal action, 37 injuries have been found on his body according to post mortem report. Some people also tried to give it a Dalit angle because he was a Dalit Sikh but no further controversies were seen because the murderers were also from the Dalit community.

Why Singhu Border is witnessing so many events?

This isn’t the first time that Singhu border is in news, be it the case of cutting of singhu border from capital or the plea of the people for connecting Haryana and Delhi but this case has now become the most debatable issue because Singhu border is beside the farmers protest, though farmers are consistently denying the connection somehow the viral videos and photographs are pointing towards the BJP’s involvement in it. Where one of the Nihangs accepts that he was offered an amount of one million and some horses from BJP for sweeping the protest of the farmers, however, he claims to have rejected the offer. No further conclusion could be stated on this incident as other shreds of evidence are yet to be found out.

What’s the way forward?

Though lakhbir’s family had a talk with the National Commission for scheduled caste chairman Vijay sampla on Monday in Delhi and he has also registered the case with a guarantee to provide the victim’s family with compensation and employment under the prevention of atrocities act. Still, while speaking to the media Vijay Sampla has denied stating any conclusion towards the matter until the inquiry is over.


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