Which FRIENDS Character Are You?

Which FRIENDS Character Are You?

Answer these 6 questions and we will let you know which friends character are you?

What do you usually do when you are with your friends?

How Would You Define Yourself?

What will do you if you are presented with a problem?

Which of the following field you are interested in?

Which of the following is your favorite subject?

Who is your best friend?

Friends Character Quiz
Chandler Bing

You're quite outspoken with your quick, sarcastic quips as you constantly joke around and poke fun of your friends. You always seems to have some unusual ideas brewing in your mind that stem from external factors and you like to focus on what the future holds, choosing to avoid your past. You are smart (Chandler works for a large corporation doing statistical analysis and data reconfiguration, whatever that is) so you tend to make decisions based on logic or reason. You are probably one of the most spontaneous characters out of the group because you seem to get bored with order and routine.
Monica Geller

You are incredibly organized and persistent. You will do whatever it takes to achieve top marks for anything you take on. (Monica's competitive side definitely comes out during the Geller Family Thanksgiving Football Game.) Everyone counts on you to get the job done. Your friends often put you in-charge of their life. Details define everything for you, and this causes you to make most of your decisions with your head through logic and reason. More than anything, you thrive on order and schedules; people will never see the apartment out of order or dirty while you are there.
Pheobe Buffay

You're one of those people who could talk to anyone about anything. You get your energy through talking and singing about the abstract ideas and theories you come up with. Your imagination is incredible. You have an incredibly high openness to experience because your creativity and curiousness drive your action and way of life. You are interested in adventure and trying new things even if they may be unusual.
Ross Geller

You are somewhat shy and keep to yourself. You are thorough and remember specifics about certain individuals because you value loyalty. You tend to make decisions with your heart, which leads to emotional pain and heartache most of the time. It is no surprise that you are highly agreeable, as demonstrated by your compassion, trust and generosity. You are very willing to compromise your own personal interests for those of others.
Joey Tribbiani

You could not be a more extroverted individual. You constantly thrust yourself into new social situations. You are very comfortable with talking to others. You are always full of energy and like to think of yourself as the life of any party.
Rachel Green

You get your energy from interacting with your friends. You care about trends and your appearance in the minds of others. You think with your heart, which means that you easily get hurt when it comes to relationships. You care deeply for your friends and pays attention to their emotions.

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