Which Mirzapur Character Are You?

Which Mirzapur Character Are You?

What is the best way to impress someone?

What would you do in College?

Which of these matters the most to you?

How would you describe yourself?

Where would you prefer to live?

Which Mirzapur Character Are You?
Kaleen Bhaiya

You are ruthless but have many layers. You love power and you are extremely loyal. Not matter what you do, your family is always your priority and you can do anything for them. You also have a hint of dark humour in you.
Guddu Pandit

Outspoken and hot-headed are two words that describe you perfectly. You are one of those who act first and think later. You are always right and have a soft corner for your family.
Bablu Pandit

You are one of those who think first. One of your biggest traits is that when someone goes out of the line, you try to control them.
Munna Bhaiya

You love money and power. You are famous in your college. Most people thing you are arrogant and you don't have a sense of right and wrong - but this is not correct. You have learnt a lot from your past experience.
Golu Gupta

You may seem ordinary but you are anything but that. You are one of those who are not scared to take up new things. With time, you get stronger and stronger.

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