Which Money Heist Character Are You?

Which Money Heist Character Are You?

Choose a POSITIVE word that defines your personality the best:

Now, choose a NEGATIVE word that suites your personality

If you had to be locked in your house for a month, how would you like to spend your time there?

What other people think of you?

After an ugly argument, your lover wants to break up with you. What would you do?

If you find yourself in a difficult situation, what's your first reaction?

What's the most important thing required to live a great life?

Money Heist Characters
The Professor

You are the Professor! Damn you, the genius who is the mastermind of the heist as well as the spine of the group.
Silene Oliveira 'Tokyo'

You are Tokyo, the badass! She is a runaway robber who was scouted by the Professor to participate in the heist.
Andrés de Fonollosa 'Berlin'

You are the fearless and mighty Berlin. He is a terminally ill jewel thief who happens to be the Professor's brother and second-in-command.
Ágata Jiménez 'Nairobi'

You are Nairobi, a master of forgery who is in charge of printing money for the group.
Aníbal Cortés 'Rio'

You are Rio, a young handsome hacker who loves Tokyo so much and doesn't go quite well with Berlin.
Ricardo Ramos 'Denver'

You are Denver, who laughs awkwardly. He is the son of Moscow.

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