5 Techniques To Fight Stress for Students

5 Techniques To Fight Stress for Students

Stress is something that is pervasive at all ages, whether for a 50-years-old person or a 16-years-old girl. We cannot possibly erase it from our lives because it’s certain that as long as we are living we are bound to have stress. For a student, particularly, it’s a lot more difficult to handle academics, relationships, family adjustments, camaraderie, etc. all at once. Stress Management for students during pandemic has become an important topic. Here are 5 points on how students can manage their stress by following these stress management strategies:

What Are The Reasons for Stress in Students

There are various types of stress such as academic tress and social stress. The way to tackle each of them is different. So, first, you need to identify what is the reason for your stress. Sometimes, we don’t realize what is causing us stress, so as a result the problem never gets resolved. Therefore, merely identifying the stressor can reduce your stress.

Plan Your Day To Reduce Student Stress

It is crucial that you priorly plan for your day in order to avoid last-minute stress because by this strategy you would what you need to do at what time and it will gradually lead to better time utilization as well.

Avoid Procrastination to Reduce Stress in Students

This one is from my personal experience. Procrastination can harm you to a level you can’t imagine. Because it’s like bundling up work for the next day, and then the next day’s work for the next to next day. Set a reasonable deadline for each work, neither too far in advance nor too close, and you will certainly be able to cope with stress.

Develop Connections and Social Relationships

Loneliness and a conservative nature are other reasons for a stressful life. Therefore, try to take some time to hang out with your friends & family, talk to them about anything, and share your opinions, etc.

Exercise Reduces Stress for Students

: Exercise is a really cool way to exhale all the things that are bothering you and get a healthy outcome. This will not only help you to manage stress but also keep you fit. 


Shreya Agarwal

I am from Bareilly. Currently I am doing MA in Journalism & mass communication from Amity, Jaipur