The Social Media Saga

Author: Debanjana

Well if you are a millennial, you know social media. You know what it is, and pros and cons to it. So, here is my take on this vast array of network and networking.

We, humans, work on the very concept of our memories and experiences that shape with us while we age in due time. We grow up and we are fed with some information and experience of our family members that shape half of our thinking and growing capabilities. Half of the time we as growing children have difficulty into figuring out what do we as an individual want. Social media to us millennials came new. This sneaky form of communication gave us hope that we might be more than what we think we are. Most of the time it gave us hope that even in the darkest of the times, there is light within. Eventually, that became a place where we went looking for motivation and entertainment if and when we were sick of our surroundings.

Creators of this place must have had zero ideas of how big this could get. But it got big so vast and so full of different ideas and notions and support and hatred that it became a world in itself. It became a new virtual earth where again, we the humans went and started creating boundaries, groups such as categorising different application programs for a different class of people.

That same idea of connectivity bred more hurt hate and negativity. It is so ridiculous and irresponsible for our part. We wanted to set a space for connectivity where we as individuals can bring the concept that earth is just so small and we have to live and coexist and survive so that we are not alone and know we are supported with millions of us facing same situations and extremities.

But rather we went off and created divisions, and opinions and judgement and started creating armies and territories and brought down hell in that beautiful place meant just for short breaks and entertainment.
“Firstly, if you are an individual who is incapable of love and support as a whole you don’t have a right to exist in this place and secondly, we don’t want to hear your opinions about us or anyone at all.”

This is a classic telltale of everyone around. This is an idea that we are inculcated with, “that don’t give a damn about people and their opinion! Then why to go around Facebook and ask about what do they think of your new hair highlight or dog or horse or anything at all?” Why feel a sense of spotlight when you actually are a nobody and go about speak foul of any other individual out there or even compliment them as if that matters. I couldn’t even understand that concept and this still is a mystery to me.

The studies for mental health and psychology says that humans cannot sustain mental and emotional stability without tribes. They are not meant to be lone wolves rather they are supposed to be in tribes, groups, society or community. Creating boundaries and borders have never really helped mankind. Look back at wars: loss of life, loss of culture, end of humanity all have one seed in common i.e. division as well as a sense of group. Bit of irony, isn’t it? So why to be obsessed with that one thing which is not important. That sense of spotlight or that sense of superiority is not very productive unless you are doing things that are making a difference in this world.

Don’t go around hating and loving people just because others are doing so. Don’t compare yourself to others, nobody is you. Try and spread love and joy with others as much you are capable of. Both the virtual and real-world is a place to nurture your soul and mind. Please don’t pollute it.

Be compassionate and always respect every individual and yourself. Observe the hate growing in and around you and quickly change the feeling because it is not worth your precious time in this place. There is an insane amount of success these social platforms have brought in a lot of life and let’s not hate the idea of coming together as a world in its own. Let’s embrace it with compassion and let this be a paradise of a kind. Keep spreading hope and happiness.

To conclude on a positive note, we all are individuals as well as a universe in its own. All of us are totally different yet so similar. We need to be more mindful to what we say and what we see and what we hear. We could reflect as in what is in our auras, so we can create a beautiful world to live around and this goes for both the virtual and real world. The many years of our existence if we are unable to spread love and awesomeness then what are we possibly doing. “the problem Brutus is not in the apps but ourselves”. The more time we spend in self-reflection the better our future time is going to be. Appreciate and accept new changes, be a little open to your surroundings and all will come to a place.


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