Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights at AUJ

Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights at AUJ

A Webinar on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ was conducted by Department of M.C.A., Amity Institute of Information Technology, Amity University, Jharkhand under National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission (NIPAM) in collaboration with DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India at Amity University Jharkhand on Wednesday.

Mr. Santanu Dey, Deputy Controller of Patents and Designs, Kolkata was the speaker on this occasion. He presented the Level C of National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission. Intellectual Property includes patents, designs, trademarks, geographical indications, copyrights, and semiconductor integrated circuits layout.

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Patent according to him is a statutory right for an invention granted for a limited period to the patentee by the government, in exchange of full disclosure of his invention for excluding others, from making, using selling, importing the patented product or process. Legal right to exclude others from using your invention. Tenure of a patent is 20 years from the date of filling of application.

He further spoke about the famous inventor and inventions. In 1856, George Alfred De Penning, a civil engineer, of Calcutta petitioned the Government of India for grant of exclusive privileges for his invention ‘An Efficient Punkah Pulling Machine’.

He also explained about the forms required to be filled to file patent application in India.

Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kumar Jha, Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Jharkhand, Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey, Director, Amity University, Jharkhand, Mr. Prabhakar Tripathi, Registrar, Amity University, Jharkhand conveyed their blessings on this occasion.


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