IIM Amritsar Celebrates International Women’s Day

IIM Amritsar Celebrates International Women’s Day

Indian Institute of Management celebrated International Women’s Day on the 8th of March 2022. The event was conducted in the Hostel premises of the institute and was blessed with the presence of the faculty, staff, and students. 

The programs started late in the evening with a video themed around “Break The Bias” by Hrithvi, the HR Club. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Divya Tripathi, faculty member in OBHR, said that equality begins at home. She listed problems that could happen at various spaces, and added that it’s best to embrace the difference between the two sexes and be inclusive about it, thereby bringing complementary talent to the table. She urged the leaders of tomorrow that best practices be followed and the workspace be made more inclusive. She concluded her speech by congratulating and thanking the men who were present for the program and said that their support should continue in helping bring more inclusivity. 

Delivering her message on the occasion, Prof. Aswathy Asokan Ajitha said that while it is not easy to be a woman in a patriarchal society, it is easy to support one another. She advised everyone not to let anyone define whatever one is and emphasized the importance of being oneself. She concluded her message by thanking everyone present in the meeting and talking about breaking the bias. 

The night was embellished by skit and drama performances coordinated by the Cultural Committee of the institute and Vaani-the Public Speaking Club. Earlier, the Gender Sensitization Cell and the Media and PR Cell had coordinated a poster making competition on the topic “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. 


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